This Telkomsel Card Upgrade Terms, Steps, and Fees

Upgrading the Telkomsel card is one of Telkomsel’s efforts to improve its services to deliver the 4G network. If you are still using a 3G network, you don’t need to worry because it can still be updated to 4G.

Telkomsel itself is a cellular provider that has many users from year to year. This is due to its advantages in reaching the signal stably even in remote areas.

This year Telkomsel is upgrading its network so that everything is evenly distributed to 4G. In accordance with government directives, this upgrade is useful so that users can enjoy internet services with faster access.

Can you upgrade a Telkomsel 3G card to 4G without changing cards?

You can upgrade your 3G to 4G Telkomsel card without having to change your number. If you don’t upgrade, then you most likely won’t be able to surf the internet anymore. Because the 3G network will soon be extinguished.
Without having to change the SIM Card, you can upgrade from 3G to 4G with the following steps:
1. Type *363# on the telephone dialing keypad.
2. Type 1 then “Send”
3. Later you will receive an SMS containing a link to enter the next stage.
4. Write down your Telkomsel card number.
5. Fill in personal data such as full name, full address, email address, district name, and province name.
6. Give a checklist in the column “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.”
7. Select “Next”
8. Later the Telkomsel web will direct you to the next step.
If you are still confused or unsure, you can upgrade your Telkomsel card through the nearest GraPARI. The Customer Service Officer will direct and help you so that the SIM Card can be upgraded to 4G.

Telkomsel Card Upgrade Deadline
Since July 20, 2022, the Telkomsel network has been revoked as a government effort so that people can experience the best digital lifestyle. This is done by expanding Telkomsel’s 4G/LTE network.
When was the last time you upgraded your Telkomsel card? The faster the better so that it doesn’t impact on internet surfing activities. This is also Telkomsel’s step in opening opportunities to utilize technology that is easier.
To upgrade Telkomsel, you can visit the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI to ask for Customer Service assistance. Through this facility, it is hoped that all regions in Indonesia can carry out accelerated digital transformation.
Telkomsel Card Upgrade Requirements at GraPARI
As one provider with many users, Telkomsel is always present through its digital integration services and solutions. It is not surprising that many people choose Telkomsel to answer their communication needs.
Technological developments have made Telkomsel’s network urge all users to upgrade from 3G to 4G. Telkomsel SIM Card upgrade itself can be done at the nearest GraPARI by bringing the following requirements:
1. KTP for Indonesian Citizens and KITAP or KITAS for Foreign Citizens.
2. Telkomsel 4G card that will be upgraded.
3. Smartphones that already have a 4G/LTE network

How much do you pay for Telkomsel card upgrades?
The ease of upgrading Telkomsel cards has made many customers switch to 4G services. You can even do this upgrade independently without having to come to the GraPARI outlet directly.
This Telkomsel SIM Card upgrade can be done by yourself by first buying a Telkomsel SIM Card in various marketplaces. Currently available starting from Tokopedia, Bukalapak, JD.ID, to Shopee.
You will only be charged Rp. 5,000 only. However, this fee does not include postage to the customer’s address. After getting the SIM card, you can start upgrading online.
Following are the steps to buy a 4G network Telkomsel card through the marketplace:
1. Enter the official Telkomsel website or directly via the following link
2. Scroll down until you find the “Marketplace” menu.
3. Choose one of the marketplaces that suits your wishes or needs in getting a Telkomsel 4G card.
4. Click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”
5. Perform the next steps according to the directions until the “Check Out” process
6. There are various payment methods that you can choose to upgrade your Telkomsel card.
7. Follow the next instructions until your Telkomsel 4G card purchase transaction has been successfully carried out.
Steps to Upgrade a Telkomsel 3G Card to 4G at GraPARI
In an effort to provide digital connectivity with applied technology, Telkomsel continues to improve its network services. The process of upgrading or upgrading is carried out periodically starting from cities/regencies to remote areas.
From March to May 2022, Telkomsel turned off 3G networks in 90 cities/regencies and 766 sub-districts. From June to July 2022, Telkomsel turned off 3G networks in 132 cities/regencies.
Furthermore, from August to October 2022, Telkomsel appealed to 178 cities/regencies to upgrade Telkomsel cards. Because in that month, Telkomsel has turned off its 3G network.
Next, from November to December 2022, Telkomsel will turn off the 3G network in the remaining 104 cities/regencies. It is hoped that this increase in internet service evenly will make it easier for users to use the internet.

Then how do you upgrade your Telkomsel card? Users can upgrade the Telkomsel network at GraPARI outlets directly, following the steps:
1. Come to the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI outlet from your current location.
2. Ask Customer Service if you want to replace the card with a MyGraPARI machine. This process can be carried out alone or assisted by a responsible officer.
3. Turn on 4G on your smartphone.
4. Fill in the information according to the instructions for upgrading the Telkomsel card.
5. Wait for the Telkomsel 4G card creation process to be successful.
Is there a way to upgrade Telkomsel 3G to 4G cards online?
Apart from going to the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI outlet, you can still upgrade your Telkomsel card independently. Telkomsel SIM Card upgrades can be done online via the USSD code or the Website.
Here’s how to change your 3G to 4G Telkomsel card without going to GraPARI via the USSD code:
1. Type *888*46# then press Call/Dial.
2. Select option 1 then enter a new number without having to turn off the smartphone.
3. Select “Yes” then note the token or PIN number shown on the screen.
4. Remove the old 3G SIM Card then replace it with the new Telkomsel 4g SIM Card.
5. Reopen the telephone number keypad then type *888*46# then press Call or Dial.
6. Select option 2 then select “Yes”
7. Enter the old 3G number then input the PIN number.
8. Select “Yes” and the user will receive a confirmation SMS from Telkomsel.
9. The upgrade was successfully performed without having to change the number.
Meanwhile, how to upgrade from 3G to 4G via the Website can follow these steps:
1. Enter on the page
2. Enter your Telkomsel number.
3. Enter a valid email address.
4. Telkomsel operator will take your selfie.
5. Perform the next steps according to the instructions until it is declared successful in upgrading the network to 4G.
The network upgrade is done because 3G has a low signal capacity, which is only 2Mbps to 14Mbps. So you need to upgrade your Telkomsel card to produce faster downloads from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

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