Money-Making Game for Free Time

If you have a lot of free time, why not just play money-making games to make more profit. The current technological era has indeed made the jargon of time is money increasingly literal.

This means that by taking advantage of your free time, you can get many benefits. There are several applications that actually directly pay the players with certain tasks.

But there are also those who have to be creative so that later the game can indeed generate real money. So we are here to discuss all the most appropriate non-gambling recommendations for you.

Making money using game platforms is no longer a new thing in Indonesia. Since a decade ago, transactions involving official money-making games have always been a tempting option for users.

Now the opportunity is even more wide open with easy internet access. So make optimal use of the gadgets that you have so that they can be used to find profits more easily.

Features of a Deceptive Money Making Game

As an educational article, we will first explain what are the characteristics of a game that has deceptive tendencies. So players will only be given promises without any clarity on when the payment will come.

1. Large fees

If money is made in the game based on tasks, then you have to be a little careful. The higher the fee given when completing the task, we must also ask whether the developer has nothing to lose.

So don’t be tempted by money-making games where the nominal fee is too big for the players. We must be skeptical about things like this so we don’t get caught in the abyss of online fraud.

Especially now that there are quite a lot of games offering high fees but it’s actually gambling. So you really have to be extra careful if you want legitimate money from playing.

2. Difficult to withdraw

One of the characteristics that a money-making game is a fraud is the level of difficulty with withdrawals. The more the withdrawal process is complicated by the developer, it is clear that there is a tendency for fraud.

You really have to look at whether a realistic minimum withdrawal limit is used or not. When the minimum limit is too high, it is clear that the game only gives false promises.

It’s better to use an application that provides a small fee but a low minimum threshold. That will make it much easier for users to be able to enjoy their hard work when playing.

3. Too many transaction requirements

One of the most obvious signs that the game is deceptive is that there are too many transaction requirements. For example, before being able to withdraw a user must buy certain items.

It is a gimmick so that players cannot optimally experience the benefits. So we have to pay close attention to the types of microtransactions in the game platform that generates funds.

By using these three characteristics, we can easily distinguish between fraudsters and genuine platforms. So later it’s not just a waste of time but also make real money.

List of Money-Making Games Directly to Account

In this segment, we will provide some game references that are worth using to make money. So later players can also choose according to their tastes and playing skills.

1. MPL (mobile premier league)

MPL is our first proven money-making game recommendation that pays with the DTU reward system so the results are immediate. On this platform you will be given various competition game options.

So the goal of playing MPL is to compete with other players to get rewards. The higher the score obtained by a player, the reward will also increase.

We recommend using MPL because it’s quite simple for all the games in it. So non-gamers can also play it without worrying about having trouble competing.

2. Hago

This is one of the fastest Android money-making games, which contains a variety of light games. So in one application there is still a sub application where we can play it freely.

The concept of the challenge from Hago itself is PVP so we compete with only one opposing player. It’s different from MPL, where the system is a competition, so there are quite a few opponents.

When playing hago, it’s better if we learn one game that is superior. Because rewards will be given if the player wins, so hone your skills seriously.

3. Magic

Mager is not lazy to move, but a game application that makes money halal for Android which is almost the same as Hago and MPL. In mager users can find various interesting game options.

Note that each game has its own task for the player to complete. So you really have to be observant to see what the quest is today so you can get money.

Mager also has a DTU reward base so that the money can go directly to your account or fund balance. Mager itself isn’t as competitive as hago or MPL, so it’s suitable for beginners.

4. Gogames

Gogames is a money-making game that was officially released by Gojek recently. Users can play a variety of light games in the application.

Not just entertainment, but each game has a task to complete. If you can complete the task, the prize is a direct gopay balance.

So if you often use the gojek application, gogames is the right choice. We can accumulate Gojek balances to exchange services or buy certain things.

5. Eaze games

Eaze games are also almost the same platform as the three previous recommendations which have a DTU basis. Precisely eaze games are much more flexible because they support browser based games.

This means that it is not only suitable to be played on Android but also PC if you want it. The reward concept of the money-making game eaze games itself is almost the same as MPL where the highest score gets the biggest prize.
So it’s quite competitive, but they are proven to pay their players. Eaze games itself has been around for more than a decade so it can be used reliably.

6. Market glories

This is a money-making browser game that has a DTU reward system so you can get profits quickly. However, it should be noted that until now the disbursement of rewards is still limited to paypal only.

Even though the game is over a decade old, the developer still uses paypal. The goal of market glory is to build a virtual company.

So we can apply real economics in doing the simulation. The smarter you set the strategy, the profit obtained will also increase sharply.

7.Coin republic

At first glance, this coin republic looks similar to simcity because we are going to build a city. But the difference is that the resources obtained can be sold directly to the developer.

The more effective our city is in producing resources, the faster the payment will be. Coin republic itself is a money-making browser game so it is recommended to use a PC to play it.

But it doesn’t matter if you use the Android browser because the current device has quite high specifications. Just like market glory, disbursement can only be done using paypal.

8. Lucky miners

Now we are starting to enter the crypto-based money-making game as the currency. Lucky miner is a recommendation for those of you who really like crypto currency.

In the game we will become a virtual crypto miner. Later the player’s task is to upgrade mining equipment or directly sell mining products.

The method for disbursing from lucky miner itself is quite varied, you can use crypto wallets, ovo, funds, and others. So it is quite flexible if you want additional income.

9. Yu gi oh duel links

Now we start to enter the money-making game with the UTU reward system for the players. Different from before, duel links don’t directly reward users.

However, the user will benefit when he succeeds in selling his game account. The more complete the card collection, the higher the price of an account.

You don’t even need to spend more capital like other UTU android. Here f2p players can still be competitive and arrange accounts with complete cards so that when they are sold they are expensive.

10. Escape from Tarkov

Escape from tarkov is a survival FPS money-making game that requires you to be able to enter and exit the map completely. Here’s how to make money using the UTU system, but it’s different from yu gi oh duel links.

When playing Escape from Tarkov players can trade with other players. These resources can be sold using real money or exchanged for other resources.

So it’s not just playing FPS, but we are also looking for money there. The more steps the resource drop rate has, the selling price will also increase drastically.

By using the ten references above, of course now your free time becomes more valuable. Don’t just play but make a profit so your time is not wasted.

Is Real Money Making Game

Of course you may be skeptical of the recommendations we have provided in the previous segment. Are they all genuine or just a gimmick that gives false promises like most.

We dare to guarantee that all the recommendations we provide can be cashed in real. Because we recommend two types of earning methods namely DTU and UTU.

DTU is a system where rewards will be given directly from the developer to the players. Meanwhile, UTU is a system where rewards or income will be obtained from player to player.

DTU, for example, money-producing games like Hago or MPL where the developer has clearly provided a fee. Meanwhile, UTU users must be more active in conducting transactions with other users.

We can apply the UTU system to almost all games because transactions are of course very free. For example, from selling accounts, rare cards, or items from the game are sold to other users.

That is how the UTU system works, which so far has been implemented in the mainstream by money-making games on Android. So you really have to be aware that when treating games as a business we have to be serious.

For example, when we want to make the game Yu Gi Oh Duel Link a UTU, we must have the skills and time to grind. Later, the decks that are successfully collected will make the account price even more expensive.

Likewise when we play mobile legends which are played by many Indonesians. The more complete the hero and skin, of course, the price of the account will soar.

The concept of a money-making game cannot be looked at using DTU alone. Because precisely the UTU system will provide much higher profits compared to DTU.

Indeed, the DTU system is easier because we only need to play the game. However, the fee from the developer is of course not much and sometimes it is not worth it with spending time.

Therefore you also need to adjust whether you are only looking for coins, or red sheets. Understand the DTU and UTU systems so that later playing games is not just a hobby but also generates profits.

How to Download and Install Money-Making Online Games

If the game is from the Android platform, of course it’s quite easy to download and install. In the following, we will provide a short tutorial so that users can understand it more easily.

1. Open playstore
2. Find the desired money-making game
3. Press the install/install button
4. Wait for the download process to finish
5. Then press open to start opening the game

These five simple steps are in order if the game is indeed using an Android device. But what about PC devices, of course it’s not that easy because there are platforms that are indeed used for downloading.

You can use a variety of PC game stores on the internet according to taste. Now the most crowded and widely used by users is steam, in the following we will provide a short tutorial.

1. Log in to the steam main site
2. Download the steam launcher in the upper right corner of the main page
3. While waiting for the download to finish let’s create an account
4. Set up e-mail
5. Register the email on the Steam platform
6. Authenticate the account, done
7. If you already have an account, of course now we can download money-making games from Steam
8. Open install the steam launcher package
9. Install the steam launcher on the PC until it’s finished
10. When finished, log in to Steam Launcher using the account created earlier
11. Search for games using the cashout bar
12. Press download to download the game
13. Wait until it’s finished and the games are ready to be played

It’s a bit more complicated if the game platform uses an application store like Steam. But it’s still easy because you actually just have to download and create an account.

It’s even easier if the money-making game without browser-based ads because we can open it directly in the application. In the following, we also explain for entry-level users how to open browser-based games.

1. Open google chrome
2. When the address of the game
3. Play

Indeed, if it is a browser-based money-making game, it will be very easy to play it on a PC. We recommend using a stable browser such as Google Chrome so that the playing experience is more optimal.

How to Cash Out Money Making Games Directly to Funds

As a disclaimer, only money-making games without inviting DTU-based friends can be disbursed directly using funds. If you haven’t done this before, let’s first create a digital wallet using the following tutorial.

1. Open playstore
2. Find a fund application
3. Press the install button
4. Wait until the download and installation process is complete
5. The application is ready to open

It doesn’t stop there, to withdraw funds from DTU-based money-making games, users still need a related account. We recommend that you already have an email so that later it can be used to create a fund account.

If you don’t have it yet, we will provide the easiest tutorial to create Gmail as a way to create an account. So later you can use the digital wallet from the funds without having any difficulties.

1. Open google then type gmail
2. Select a list option
3. Complete all forms
4. Press submit
5. Email is ready

The e-mail already exists, it’s time for us to create a digital wallet that we just downloaded through the playstore. We recommend only using PlayStore to download applications because they have been curated and kept safe, along with a tutorial for making a fund wallet.

1. Open the funds app
2. Select a list option
3. Fill in the form provided
4. Check the data again
5. Press submit to submit the account
6. Verify by creating a link that has been sent to the registered email
7. Open the link
8. Verification is complete and the fund account is ready to use.

Without a fund account, of course we cannot experience the benefits of DTU-based money-making games right away. Because not all developers provide direct transfer options to user accounts.

So by preparing a digital wallet like this we will make withdrawal transactions easier. Various notifications related to transactions will also go directly to Android notifications.

If you have understood all of the above material, of course you are now ready to jump into action. Choose for yourself which money-making game suits your tastes and abilities so that it’s still fun to play. (

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