Lost Telkomsel Card, How to Block and Activate Again

If the Telkomsel card is lost, you don’t need to worry too much. Because users still have many choices so that the card number remains safe. Starting from doing UNREG or activating the number again.

The SIM card is important and must be maintained so that it is not damaged or lost. Because it contains the user’s telephone number. Its function is not only limited to telephone, SMS, or internet access.

Of course the telephone number in it is used for purposes such as banking, e-commerce applications, verifying social media accounts, and so on. But if it is forced to disappear, then you can do the solution below.

Can a Lost Telkomsel Card Be Made Again?

Lost and charred Telkomsel cards can be reactivated by visiting the Telkomsel GraPARI outlet service center. If the card in physical form is damaged or lost, it can be replaced with a new one.
But you don’t need to worry, the phone number in it remains the same. To take care of it at GraPARI, it is necessary to bring several requirements, namely as follows:
1. Make sure the phone number on the lost SIM card has been registered according to the NIK e-KTP and Family Card via *444# or at GraPARI.
2. Original e-KTP.
3. Original certificate from Dukcapil (if Dukcapil does not issue a statement, you can use other original identity documents such as a driver’s license).
4. Original Family Card.
5. The process of activating a lost Telkomsel card at GraPARI can still be done even by a representative party. Attach a Power of Attorney with a 6000 stamp duty from the telephone owner, the original e-KTP of the giver and the attorney general, the original Family Card (the attorney must be registered in the same KK).
6. Attach information for the data validation process to the Customer Service officer which contains:
o The amount or nominal of the last credit top up on the telephone number.
o Last recharge date on phone number.
o Active period or grace period of the SIM card.
o Active package type on the telephone number.
o Mention 3 phone numbers that you called using the lost SIM card in the last 1 month.
o In order for the number to remain active, usually the clerk will offer a data or telephone package according to your needs.
The procedure for dealing with a lost Telkomsel card also applies to foreigners in Indonesia. The difference lies only in the requirements that are replaced using a passport, KITAP, or KITAS.

How to Block a Lost Telkomsel Card
Generally, blocking on a telephone card aims to limit access to active numbers so that they become inactive. This is done to prevent misuse of telephone numbers by irresponsible people.
Blocking on Telkomsel cards can be done in 2 ways, namely the USSD code and through the Call Center service, here are the steps.
1. Block the lost Telkomsel card via the USSD code
o Type *500*22# on the Phone menu then press Call/Dial.
o Select the “Blacklist” option
o Click “OK” then select “Activate”
o Enter your Telkomsel number to be blocked.
o Wait for the process to finish.
o You will get a notification that your Telkomsel number has been successfully blocked and is no longer active.
2. Block Lost Telkomsel Cards Via Call Center
o Type the number 188 on the Phone menu then press Call.
o Propose blocking of personal Telkomsel numbers.
o Enter your Telkomsel number to be blocked.
o Wait until the verification process is complete.
o You will get a notification that your Telkomsel number has been successfully blocked and is no longer active.
After carrying out the blocking process, then you can then go to the nearest GraPARI to make a new SIM Card. Later Customer Service will assist the process of changing the card.

How to Unregister a Lost Telkomsel Card
Unregis on the lost Telkomsel card is still needed so that the telephone number on it is not misused. In this case, you need to come to the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI outlet to unregister.
To unregister a lost Telkomsel card at GraPARI, you need to prepare the KTP and Family Card that you used before. Later, Telkomsel will directly deactivate or unregister your SIM card.
The Unreg process in GraPARI doesn’t take long. So the user doesn’t have to worry about the personal data in the lost phone card.
How to Manage a Lost Telkomsel Card Without Going to GraPARI
If you don’t have time to go to the GraPARI outlet to take care of your lost Telkomsel card, then you can use GraPARI Telkomsel online. This service is in the form of Telkomsel’s official website and can be accessed by all users.
Apart from that, you can also take advantage of Call Center 188 or MyGrapari vending machines. The MyGrapari system is self service and is provided by Telkomsel in several public areas.
1. Manage Lost Telkomsel Cards Through the Call Center
o Use a smartphone with a free SIM card to block.
o Call call center 188 on the telephone menu then press Call.
o After connecting with Customer Service, convey the purpose of wanting to take care of the Telkomsel card because it is damaged or lost.
o CS will ask for data such as the name of the card owner, birth mother’s name, NIK, KK for the verification process.
o The operator has successfully blocked your Telkomsel card.
2. Manage lost Telkomsel cards via MyGraPARI Telkomsel Online
o Visit the online MyGrapari site.
o Select the “Telkomsel Customer” menu
o Select the option “SIM Card Lost/Damaged”
o Enter the missing Telkomsel card number.
o Enter NIK and KK as validation process.
o You will get a new card but the number remains the same.
As for the MyGraPARI vending machine, the method is the same as the online version. This tool is the same as GraPARI physical outlets and easy to find in supermalls.
How to Activate a Lost Telkomsel Card
Can lost numbers be reactivated? Lost or forfeited Telkomsel cards can be reactivated by visiting the GraPARI outlet directly or via the USSD code.
If you go through a GraPARI outlet, then you need to prepare several requirements as previously explained, the steps are the same. Don’t forget to attach information for validation data.
Starting from the nominal of the last credit top-up, the date of the last refill, the active period and grace period, the type of package, and the number contacted within the last 1 month.
In addition to the lost Telkomsel card, problems such as a burnt card can also be reactivated through the following steps:
1. Call *888*89#
2. Select the “Card Reactivation” option
3. Enter NIK and KK.
4. There is an SMS notification whether the charred number can be reactivated or not.

Lost Telkomsel Card Replacement Fee
Lost Telkomsel card, how much do you pay? You can change your Telkomsel card through GraPAR outlets. The total administration fee or Telkomsel card replacement fee will be charged Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 75,000.
The required requirement is to prove that the Telkomsel card still has an active validity period. Then you need an e-KTP, certificate (if any), and include 5 numbers that you call frequently.
It is better if the card is still placed on the same smartphone and topped up regularly so that it can be used for the long term. If a problem occurs, such as a lost Telkomsel card, you can immediately visit the GraPARI outlet directly.

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