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Since the pandemic, many people are looking for job vacancies online from home. Apart from the pandemic, there are several factors why people prefer to look for jobs that can be remote or can be done from home.

For example, due to termination of employment (PHK) or having to do household chores. Remote work like this is actually very flexible because it can be adjusted to your busy life.

Working from home is nothing new anymore, in fact it is increasing from year to year. Then what needs to be prepared to undergo online work from home, let’s discuss it in more detail.

Preparation Before Looking for Online Job Vacancies from Home

The ease of working without having to go to the office doesn’t mean you can do it casually because there are lots of things to prepare. Here are things you need to prepare before looking for online job vacancies from home.

1. Internet connection

Any type of work if done remotely requires access to an internet connection. So make sure there is an adequate internet connection when deciding to work remotely.

2. Conducive Work Space

Even if you don’t do it in an office, you still need a work space and a conducive environment to support the smooth running of your work. Another alternative solution is to be able to rent a co-working space to work.

3. Virtual Payment Account

Of course, online job vacancies are paid online as well, so you need to set up an account to get a salary. If you get an online job from abroad, the payment system usually uses a PayPal or Payoneer account.

4. Backup Planning

Being an online worker from home is not easy, because you have to do many responsibilities at one time. Make sure to have a backup plan so that all dependents don’t overwhelm you.

5. Personal Working Hours

There are several examples of lockers such as online housewife job vacancies that are widely spread on the internet. If you take this opportunity, then you have to be even smarter in managing personal working hours.

Like setting when to work, play with children, go out with friends, and so on. By setting a schedule according to plan, you will know what to do if unwanted things happen.

Tips to Look For in Looking for Online Jobs from Home

Previously, you understood the basic things that need to be prepared when looking for online job vacancies from home. Next, there are some tips when looking for job vacancies online, along with the explanations.

1. Ensure Whether the Work is Home Based

Some types of work can be done from home onwards, some require employees to go directly to the office or field. So first find out the information and authenticity regarding the position of the application.

2. Diligently Update CV and Profile

Updating your CV with recent experiences is important. Each job position has its own qualifications, so updating your CV can be done through courses or internships related to the position you are applying for.

3. Prepare Yourself for Online Interviews

The next tip for finding online job vacancies from home is to prepare yourself if you pass the interview. The remote job recruitment process is generally done online as well. Even so, all still have to be prepared as much as possible.

4. Evaluation of Remote Working Preparation

Do an evaluation to assess how well prepared you are for applying for online jobs. Starting from technical problems such as internet, laptops, application needs, and so on. Also prepare a personal work schedule so that productivity is not disturbed.

List of Websites Providing Online Job Vacancy Information from Home

Looking for online job vacancies from home is easier if done through the official website. As well as being easy and fast, the website is filled with information on job vacancies and tips for registering, along with recommendations.

1. Karir.com

Karir.com is a job search website created by the nation’s children and you can easily find job vacancies from well-known companies. Previously, users needed to fill in their personal data first as a resume.

Karir.com also provides a salary calculation feature according to the user’s position and work experience. Apart from that, interest tests, communication tests, English language skills, and management trainee vacancies are also provided.

2. JobStreet

On the JobStreet website, you can find today’s online lockers which are updated every day. Starting from the fields of personnel, finance, communications, marketing, and others that can be done remotely too.

3. TechInAsia Jobs

TechInAsia Jobs is a popular job vacancy site for the Southeast Asia region. There are many lockers that you can find, starting from management, data analysis, customer service, IT, marketing, and so on.

4. CareerHubKemnaker

The site for looking for online job vacancies from the next home, namely KarirHubKemnaker, is provided directly by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. The locker fields include warehouse admin, supervisors, production personnel, sales, and others.

5. Glints

Apart from being used to find job vacancies, Glints can also be used to find internship vacancies. There are features in the form of consulting services and career development recommendations to special skills training.

Application for providing online job vacancies from home

Apart from websites, there are several applications that you can use to register for online job vacancies from home, here are the recommendations.

1. Linkedin

Linkedin is a website as well as an application that is very popular among students and workers. This largest professional network has a form like social media but packaged in a professional way.

The LinkedIn user profile is made like a CV that includes organizational experience, work experience, skills, and so on. You can make connections with great people, share experiences, and even find a job.

2. We Graduated

An application to find online job vacancies from the next house, namely KitaLulus. Searching for lockers is even easier with the sorting feature for job types based on keywords, education, field of work, to location.

In addition, the vacancies available on the KitaLulus application have gone through a verification process first. This aims to avoid locker fraud so that KitaLulus becomes a credible application.

3. Indeed

Just like the previous applications, Indeed also provides features to make it easier for you to find a new job. In addition to full-time jobs, you can also find part-time job openings online through Indeed.

4. Kormo Jobs

A trusted application for finding job vacancies is Kormo Jobs. This is proven by the number of downloads of 10 million times through the Google Play Store by dream job seekers.

This application focuses more on IT & Admin services, logistics, retail, hospitality, warehouse operations, and customer service representatives. If you meet these qualifications, then Kormo Jobs is the right application.

5. TopCareers

Referred to as a fairly popular job vacancy application, TopKarir has a number of features that make it easier for users to sort types of jobs. They can look for vacancies ranging from start-ups to large companies.

Starting from fresh graduates to experienced workers, all of them can take advantage of TopKarir to find full time and part time jobs. TopKarir also provides internship vacancies so you can gain professional experience.

Currently, the process of finding a job is getting easier through technological developments. You can take advantage of the website to the application as explained above. Also do the previous tips when looking for online job vacancies from home.

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