Know Exactly How to Check Axis Numbers Here

Find out how to check the axis number correctly by reading this article completely. The numeric identity used as the phone number is actually attached to the card packaging before you buy it.

However, sometimes these number combinations are not stored in contacts so when people ask what your mobile number is, you are confused. The solution is to make calls, but what if you don’t have credit to make calls?

How to Check Axis Card Numbers Via Dial Up Service

When you don’t have credit or an internet connection to make calls, knowing how to check your axis number via dial up is the solution. There are three ways to check via dial up, including through the following codes:

1. Type *2# then your cellphone number will automatically appear on the screen
2. You can also type *123*7# then select Number Information, the mobile number will appear on the screen
3. Also type *123*10# then by checking the axis 2022 number, your mobile number will appear directly on the screen
You can use one of the codes above to check the cellphone number accurately. That way, you don’t need an internet connection at all to make calls.

There are many ways to check the axis number which we will discuss here. Everything you can know and apply according to consideration which method is the easiest.

How to Check Axis Card Numbers Via SMS

It seems that SMS or short messages are rarely used anymore as the use of online chatting is increasing. However, SMS can be a way to check axis numbers that can be applied practically.

Apart from using dial up assistance, you can send messages to get information on your cellphone number. However, of course, there must be credit for the message to arrive and get a reply.

The method of checking your mobile number using SMS is very simple, that is, all you have to do is open the message, then type CEK in all capitals. After that, send the short message to number 123.

Wait a few moments until there is a reply in the inbox. Remember, what is required for checking using this SMS is regular credit, not internet credit. One of the ways to check axis numbers via SMS is fairly simple and the contacts are easy to memorize.

Sending messages via SMS may be rarely done, but this service is the forerunner of today’s online chat. Also, for those who are not connected to the internet, SMS is the best solution for communicating with people in contact.

How to Check Axis Cellphone Numbers Using Assistance Services from Operators

You can do the method above to check the identity of your cellphone number. You have to memorize the code first. The difference is using how to check the axis number through the help of an operator or call center.

Usually the call center number will be automatically saved as soon as you register. You just have to go to the phone book or contact then make calls and chat with the call center directly.

However, if you find that the way to check the axis number with the help of the operator is not available for the contact, you can save the contact at 838 or 0838 8000 838. For calls to 838, the fee charged is only Rp. 800 per call.

The rates charged are fairly cheap because usually several other operators apply rates per minute for each call. So that the rate until completion is unknown and can be interrupted while talking due to a lack of credit.

So, how many Axis numbers have I answered? When you forget to save your own contacts on your cellphone. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore about your cellphone number when you need it to fill in data or for various other emergency needs.

How to Check Your Own Axis Number Through the Axisnet Application

How to check the next axis number, you can take advantage of the application released by Axis officially, namely Axisnet by first downloading it from the Play Store. For iOS users, you can download Axisnet via the Appstore.

Everything is free, you can check as long as you are connected to the internet. After the application is downloaded, the steps that must be taken are to register to create a new account or log in for those of you who have created an account before.

When you have entered or the account has been successfully created, you can immediately see the display of the cellphone number information. Not limited to that, information about remaining credit, active period, and other information can be displayed directly on the screen.

One way to check this axis card can remind you how long the card is active. This is important to avoid blocking the card due to missed grace period. It’s not trivial when you forget to top up credit, especially in the wifi era like now.
Currently, there are many cheap and portable wifi offers that make people decide to switch from card quota to wifi. Finally, the card is only used for the formality of the cellphone number, then in the end it forgets to fill in credit and the active period runs out.

Fatally, something that is forgotten has an impact on various parties who will have difficulty contacting you when needed. For example, it becomes difficult for HRD to contact you because it turns out that the number is not active.
Meanwhile, you won’t even notice that the number is no longer active because you can use the internet. So, the various ways to check the axis number that we mentioned have many important benefits. You can apply it when needed, just find out which method is easiest.

How to Check Axis Phone Numbers by Accessing the Axis Official Site

Apart from using dial up, SMS, operators, and even applications, you can also use the official Axis website to check your cellphone number. That way, you don’t need to download an app to apply the way to check the axis number.

On the plus side, your cellphone memory won’t decrease and your smartphone’s performance won’t slow down because of too many apps. To apply this method, it’s easy, you can go directly to the MyAxis site or

After that, please create an account if you don’t have one yet. If you already have an account, just log in to the account based on the ID and password that was created before. If you have entered your account, your mobile number will be shown on the screen.

Like services in applications, services via the site will also provide a variety of complete information about service status and other attractive offers. Knowing the axis code number from the site or others helps you get attractive offers.

There are many promos and programs with attractive prizes that can be obtained and followed quickly when you create a MyAxis account. Forgetting your own cellphone number is common because in general we save other people’s numbers, but we don’t think about saving our own number.

Now, to prevent forgetting your own cellphone number, you can save the number immediately in your contacts. So that later when it is needed to fill in data for any purpose, there is no need to bother applying the various easy methods above.

However, even if you forget then you can check this article then look for the easiest method. We have informed you of many ways to check your axis number, from those who need to be connected to the internet to those who need a credit balance, you just have to choose one. (

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