How to properly deal with a child with a fever at night ?

Know how to properly deal with a child with a fever at night as a parent so you don’t panic. Before going to a health facility, sometimes we can try to reduce our own fever at home, as long as the treatment is done properly.

Because there are some people who cannot go to the nearest hospital or health facility 24 hours a day, what should be done when a child has a fever at night? It could just wake up the local health center staff, and even then if the health worker is at the location.

Causes of Fever in Children at Night

Don’t panic when your baby’s body feels hot. Do you know what causes a child to have a fever in the middle of the night? by reading this article in full. Remember what the child’s activities were that day because the heat could be caused by:

1. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Infections of the upper respiratory tract are usually characterized by cold symptoms. Therefore, be aware of the health condition of your baby when you have a cold for several days. If it has been more than three days and the condition of the fever fluctuates, then seek treatment immediately.

2. Exposure to Bacteria from the Outside

Exposure to bacteria from outside usually occurs in children who are quite active in outdoor activities. You can apply the right way to deal with a fever at night when you know the exact reason.

3. There is inflammation

Inflammation of the throat, ears, and sinuses can also be one of the reasons for the outbreak of hot temperatures in children. The cause can be from various things, for example moist air, food, and various other things that trigger inflammation, especially if it is hereditary.

4. Skin Infections

Don’t be surprised if you have experienced heat in your baby after a fall or injury. Because it turns out that skin infections due to exposure to bacteria can cause hot temperatures to increase. So, the way to deal with a child having a fever at night is to clean the wound.

5. Urinary tract infection

Finally, the cause of increased fever can also be from urinary tract infections. Beware when your baby often holds back urination or wears pants that are too tight. Because these two things can cause the baby’s hot temperature to increase at night.

Complications of High Fever in Children at Night

Fever is actually a sign that your baby is sick. For this reason, knowing how to properly deal with a child with fever at night must be applied to avoid complications such as the following:

  1. Leaving hot temperatures on the baby after days can trigger dehydration or lack of fluids.
  2. If your baby experiences hallucinations, then check the temperature regularly, it may have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. The most dangerous thing is when you have a seizure, it’s not uncommon for parents to get confused and panic and do things that shouldn’t be done when their child has a fever.

You can apply various solutions to treat overheating in your baby after knowing the cause. Various possible complications can be experienced when parents do not handle it properly.

Never underestimate the condition of increased body temperature in your baby. Always have a thermometer and antipyretics handy so that the condition doesn’t get worse. Be aware of the baby’s condition at all times by checking the temperature regularly.

If you have to see a doctor immediately, don’t delay before the condition gets worse. You must know the nearest health facility that operates 24 hours in anticipation.

Now, you already know what the consequences of ignoring hot temperatures are on the baby’s body. So, make sure to always apply the correct way to deal with a child with a fever at night to avoid complications.

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How to properly deal with a child with a fever at night with traditional ways.

Can not be separated from traditional medicine, this method has been done since the ancestors or hereditary long ago. For example, using telon oil and shallots. But, can shallots and telon oil reduce heat?

Both can have a positive effect if the baby’s forehead is hot, but the feet are cold. You can use shallots as a traditional medicine through the following methods:

  1. Mix shallots with telon oil and then apply the resulting mixture or one onion on the child’s body.
  2. The next way to deal with a child’s fever at night with shallots can be through natural spreads when the child is sleeping.
  3. Some people also believe that drinking ginger water and a mixture of other spices can be efficacious for reducing hot temperatures.
  4. Coconut water has long been believed to help reduce fever in children and adults. Even the efficacy of coconut water is believed by some Indonesians to be able to ward off toxins in the body.
  5. Lemon and honey can be a way to deal with children with fever at night properly if consumed regularly.
  6. Finally, for children under the age of 2, the most effective traditional or natural treatment is to drink breast milk.

Breast milk is proven to have many benefits for children under the age of 2, one of which can strengthen the body’s immune system.

Various ways to deal with children with fever at night have been done a long time ago. Until now there are still parents who feel that traditional methods have even fewer complications than going straight through medical treatment.

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How to Treat a Child with a Fever at Night

Panic when your baby’s body temperature suddenly rises in between deep sleep is normal. However, anticipate this panic so as not to overdo it by studying the handling process.

When the body temperature rises, you can just go straight to the nearest health facility. However, also know the proper handling process from home as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is to check body temperature using a thermometer. One of the ways to deal with a child having a fever at night helps you assess indicators of urgency in your baby.
  2. Second, meet your baby’s fluid needs by increasing your milk intake for those who are still breastfeeding. Then multiply the consumption of water to avoid dehydration. Be alert when your child’s lips start to dry out and crack.
  3. Immediately give the fever-reducing medicine that has been prepared at home. When you have children, stocking up on febrifuge is mandatory to avoid soaring high temperatures at night.
  4. Pay attention to your baby’s clothes. Don’t cover or don’t give clothes that block air circulation. Instead, make your baby feel comfortable by wearing only loose and short clothes.
  5. Compresses have been a way of treating children with fever at night right from the past. Not only in Indonesia, many countries, one of which is South Korea, believe that cold water compresses can reduce body temperature.
  6. Skin to skin or gluing the baby’s skin with parents is another traditional method. This method is believed to be able to reduce temperature, not only by the people of Indonesia, but also by many countries.

The healthy condition of the baby is a gift for all parents. So, when facing an increase in body temperature at night, panic is not playing. In fact, after you know the various ways to deal with a child’s fever at night, there’s no need to panic. Thats the tips on how to properly deal with a child with a fever at night. Hope it usefull. (Alobisnis.c0m)

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