How to find out if the hymen is torn or not

Get to know how to find out if the hymen has torn or not properly before you consult with a doctor. This knowledge is for self-education, especially as a woman so that she can properly perform daily care.

Unmarried or married women must pay attention to the cleanliness and health of the vaginal area for various reasons. Factors that cause tears are not only the result of having sex, but can also be due to other factors, such as strenuous activities.

What is the Hymen

The hymen is a thin membrane around the vaginal area, in the form of a ring with a small notch. Every woman should know how to find out if the hymen has torn or not, because this part of virginity is definitely owned by all women without exception.

The Journal of Reproductive Health said that until now the function of this part in women has not been known for its biological function. In ancient times, people might have thought that this part of the vagina determines whether a woman is still a virgin or not.

However, as the world of knowledge develops, judging virginity from this is in fact inaccurate. Various strenuous physical activities, such as horse riding, gymnastics, and various other types of sports can cause damage and tearing of intimate parts.

So how do you see the hymen? We will discuss it in more detail through the discussion that follows.

Changes in the Hymen According to Growth

An indication of whether or not the hymen or hymen is torn depends on the shape that each woman has. Because there are also those that are elastic, even though you have had sex several times, the hymen will still be intact and can return to normal after being stretched.

Then, if the hymen tears, what happens? Many things, from bleeding in the form of spotting, feeling sore for a while, to being uncomfortable. However, as long as it doesn’t cause harmful effects, everything can be treated with an ice pack.

The hymen in women has several shapes, including fully round, with a border at the opening of the vagina, irregular, and cribiform. Everything is normal, except if there are no holes, then medical action is needed, such as surgery.

You can do how to find out if the hymen is torn or not with the tutorial that we will discuss after this point. Make sure you don’t claim a woman’s virginity just because she didn’t bleed on the first night.

Causes of Tears in the Hymen

Having sex is definitely or can be said to be the most common cause of tearing of this female part. However, it turns out that apart from that there are many other reasons, such as:

  1. Experiencing an injury because you have experienced a collision in the vaginal area
  2. Have strenuous activities, such as horse riding and cycling and then do it regularly
  3. You can find the shape of the hymen that is still intact or not when you are forced to use medical equipment in the vagina
  4. Stretching exercises that are too strong can also be the cause of tearing of the intimate parts of the female organs

Some argue that using tampons during menstruation can cause tearing. However, after you read how to find out if the hymen has been torn or not, it seems that this assumption can be refuted.

Signs of Torn Hymen

Through various factors, the intimate parts of this woman can be torn without having sex first. For how to find out if the hymen has torn or not, you can visit a doctor to get accurate information.

However, if you want to make observations at home, you can first recognize the signs. This female intimate part is usually torn, it is characterized by the following conditions:

  1. The discharge of blood in the form of light spots
  2. Feelings of pain and tend to be uncomfortable in the vaginal opening area
  3. Torn skin on the membrane along 1 to 2 cm to the area inside the vagina

The cause of the tearing of the hymen can be due to anything and is usually not realized by women. So, it’s only natural that the tear is caused by time, without any specific cause.

Why can it be said that it is natural to tear over time? Because the part will stretch by itself. At that time of stretching, a little tear will occur. Then it will shrink back gradually anyway.

There are many ways to find out if the hymen has torn or not, both self-diagnosis and direct examination to the doctor. This must be known by married men as well so that they don’t just accuse them when during the first night, their wife’s vagina did not bleed.

How to find out if the hymen is torn or not

You can take a short and accurate route by seeing an obstetrician directly at the hospital. This is done to ensure and be sure about the condition of your vaginal area. However, you can also check yourself at home.

Please choose, see a doctor or practice the following ways to find out if the hymen has torn or not:

  1. First wash your hands until they are completely clean
  2. Take and hold a small mirror then hold it with one hand
  3. Sit and open your legs in a straddle position
  4. Apply natural lubricants as a tool so that you feel comfortable when inserting your finger into the vagina
  5. Hold the mirror that was prepared earlier then place it around the vaginal area and point the mirror up until you can see the reflection of the vagina from the mirror
  6. The next way to find out if the hymen has torn or not is to use one finger to open the vaginal lips or labia
  7. If you see a thin membrane like a crescent moon, it means that your virginity has not been torn

Then, if it turns out that after inserting the finger what you feel is irregular meat without obstacles, then it is certain that the membrane has been torn. Remember, after knowing how to find out if the hymen has been torn or not, you don’t need to panic.

Because it is normal when it turns out that the virginal area is torn without the need to have sex. Moreover, if you often do strenuous and tiring activities. The point is, when there are blood spots and pain, immediately compress cold water.

Myths Around the Hymen

Know the most popular myths from ancient times regarding this intimate part of women. That is, a person’s virginity and not being a virgin is determined by whether or not the hymen is torn. Doctor Putri Deva, an Indonesian ob-gyn doctor, said the myth was completely wrong.

The truth is the function of this female organ is to filter dirt, such as dust so it doesn’t directly enter the vagina. Then, what color is the hymen like? The answer is pink even almost transparent.

For those of you women who don’t know the color, you can take references from accurate sources. This female part will develop as the woman ages. So, the older you are, the more flexible the membrane will be, stretched or enlarged.

There are many myths that must be debunked regarding virginity, one of which is the use of tampons which is claimed to damage virginity. This is also completely wrong because it turns out that this part of virginity is not absolutely owned by all women.

Then the function of this tampon can indeed stretch the female part. However, it doesn’t damage the membrane at all. There is a scientific explanation regarding how to find out if the hymen has torn or not, don’t believe myths anymore. (

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