Genuine Money-Making Applications and Not Scams

Gimmick money-making applications are now more and more and become worrying. For some people who know, of course it’s impossible to fall in love with a gimmick like that.
But what about ordinary and minimally literate users, obviously they will become innocent victims. Therefore, on this occasion, we will provide the most honest information so that you can make it a reference.
Because there are too many articles scattered on the internet giving wrong references and even clearly misleading. Of course something like that will be very detrimental to people who really want to make a living.
We also provide various kinds of explanations related to halal money-making applications so that after reading these references you can immediately practice yourself. Do not let yourself be tempted by gimmicks from other websites, because they are not necessarily true.
All information here has been optimally curated so that it can be used as an accurate reference. So later you will be able to implement yourself how to make money on the internet.
Is it true that there is an official money-making application from the government
Obviously nothing, the government has never issued official android software that gives money for free. But don’t worry, there are still many regulated options that you can choose from.
If there is an article that says that the application is official from the government, then it is clear that it is a hoax. The government has never issued software or money-making software for the public.
This is just a marketing gimmick carried out by evil corporations so that consumers are trapped. Indeed, there are money-making applications, but the government’s role is only as a regulator.
This means that they do not officially release product A, for example, so that it can be used by the public. If you see an article that discusses things like this, it’s clear they are providing misleading information.
Therefore, always precisely curate your reading references on the internet now. There is quite a lot of wrong information that will actually make users experience large financial losses.

In general, the government does indeed issue assistance programs that can be enjoyed by the community. But that doesn’t mean that there is an android software that can spend money.
If you really need hard work money, look for accurate information, don’t just complain. Here we will also provide references to money-making applications that have been regulated by the Indonesian government.
So users can use it safely and most importantly don’t get fooled. It’s time for us to look for accurate information, not just clickbait because it will damage the nation’s mentality.
Features of the Official Money-Making Application OJK
We will first identify what the characteristics of software that have been regulated by the OJK are like so that it can be used as a reference. Because when using software without regulation, of course it can be dangerous.
1. Already registered on the OJK website
If you don’t want to be bothered, you can actually check for yourself whether the money-making application already exists at the OJK or not. We can easily access the database using the official website.
Everyone can open it so consumers must at least be more careful before using the product. Don’t just be tempted by gimmicks, because Indonesians are easily taken in by advertisements.
2. It’s not too easy to make a profit
If you see an android software offering easy money, be careful. It could be that it will only be malware in the software and harm the user.
It is very likely that your personal data will later be stolen and sold to buyers. Of course such a thing would be detrimental because it would be easier for corporations to control our consumption.
So a real paying money making app will not be too easy on assigning tasks. You still have to work hard so that later you can get regular profits.
3. Proven to pay
Only regulated android software is proven to pay its users. You can see for yourself what kind of user feedback from Playstore.
Does the platform really pay or just make promises to its consumers. So do your research before deciding on the option to install it.
By using these three characteristics, of course we can know what the outline is like. Don’t be easily fooled because now gimmicks like this are often used by corporations to fool users.
List of Money-Making Application Names Directly to Account
This discussion will be quite long so you really have to be patient in paying attention to it. We will provide several recommendations that have been proven to pay and are regulated.
1. Video snacks
This video viewing platform is now officially registered with the OJK and you can use it. Initially, it was chaotic because the developer had not registered the application with the Indonesian government.
However, the case has been resolved and now we can be safer because it has been legally registered. Actually, in the past, video snacks have become people’s favorite money-making application.
We only need to watch videos to be able to get bonuses from the application directly. Redeem has also been proven to be able to enter a direct account or through a digital wallet.
2. Read Plus
If you don’t like spending data packages watching videos like before, this might be an option. Baca plus is a reading platform that provides rewards for users.
The more often you read, the more bonuses you will get regularly from the application. So this is one of the most appropriate options because it can increase reading interest.
As a money-making application, of course, Baca Plus will not provide large amounts at once. Users still have to perform various tasks such as reading news and related articles.
3. MPL (mobile premier league)
If you really like playing games why not make it a hobby to generate good fortune. MPL is a game platform that gives rewards in the form of money to its players.
But users can’t just earn money because they have to get the highest rating. If you are a reliable game player, then this is the right money-making application option.
We need to reach the ranks of high scores so that later we can get deserved rewards. If you just play, of course you won’t get any benefits, so it’s a little difficult.
4. Whatsaround
Interested in becoming citizen journalism, this is one option that can provide good fortune. Whatsaround is a platform where we can share photos, videos, and the latest events.
The better the quality of the image or video, the higher the reward will be given to the uploader. As a whatsaround money-making application it has been proven to pay.
There aren’t too many of them either, depending on the context and quality of the upload. If you just post photos, of course the fees given to users will be minimal.
Most commonly people use whatsaround to become a hangout reviewer. So we can share experiences while visiting these locations.
5. Shopee
Who doesn’t know this orange e-commerce, but here we don’t discuss the issue of selling there. Many people already know that we can make a profit by trading here.
In addition, users can also become shopee affiliates so that later they can get more profits. This is one way for us to make a profit without having to sell.
Even though this money-making application is quite popular, the affiliate method is still rarely implemented. So we suggest that you use it right now.
6. Buzzbreak
This is also one of the reading-based Android money-making applications for 2022, such as Baca Plus. We as users are only given the task of reading the latest information provided by the platform.
Later the user will get coins after reading a news or article. These coins can of course be exchanged for real money and withdraw to a digital wallet.
The main advantage of buzzbreak is that we can set the payment currency. So type use it and set the payment to dollars so that the results are more.
7. App nana
This is one of the Fund’s money-making applications where the user will act as a beta tester. So we really have to download the application that is offered in the nana task app.
Later we will install and use it to a certain extent for profit. The task from nana’s app is quite long but the fee is the most expensive.
We can even get around 100 thousand every day if we work consistently. Being a beta tester of a software is not easy and you have to know the environment of the application.
8. Hello
Helo is a rupiah-making application developed by bit dance and also TikTok. Helo itself is actually a media sharing platform be it videos or images.
We make it a discussion platform between fans of certain niches in cyberspace. If you want to get paid, of course we have to be diligent in uploading content or sharing it.
The higher the traffic, the payment received by the user, of course, will be a lot later. Because helo is still new, there are still a few users and you can make it a golden opportunity to hunt for profits.
9. Fizo novels
For fans of novels or short stories, this can be one of the most appropriate, fastest money-making application options. Fizoo novel provides rewards for users just for reading.
So every time you finish reading a few pages you will get coins. Later these coins will be exchanged for rewards as needed, starting from vouchers to cash.
So it’s quite flexible for those of you who already like reading and want to earn extra income. Fizoo novels have also proven to pay if we look at user feedback.
10. Vote
If you have a lot of free time and like questionnaires, Vote can be the right choice, a money-making application that is proven to pay. Users will get rewards if they take surveys from this platform.
There are various kinds of survey topics given every day to application users. So if you have free time, it doesn’t hurt to try voting yourself as an option.
The process is also easy and the effort is not too high for users, especially beginners. However, it should also be noted that the pay may be small because it only pays around a thousand rupiah for each survey.
By using some of these references, of course, now you don’t need to be confused anymore looking. You can directly download and install it on an Android device and see for yourself the benefits.
How to Download and Install Money-Making Applications Without Inviting Friends
Now we will discuss how to download the application until the installation process. Ordinary users may still be confused about how the most ideal operation.
We have provided a complete tutorial so that later you can run smoothly when trying the application yourself. Immediately following the steps so that later we can download to use it.
1. Open playstore
2. Find the desired money-making application
3. Press the install button
4. Wait a while for the download
5. When finished, the install button will change to open
6. Click open to open the application
7. done
You can of course use these simple steps as a reference so that later you can use them optimally. The matter of installing and opening the application is quite trivial.

Many people are already able to do it themselves, but here we are on guard if there are still entry-level users. So later the money-making application can be optimally installed and used immediately.
As a side note, we do not recommend downloading software other than using the playstore. It is feared that if you download from an unclear platform, there will be malware later.
If the device has been infected with malware, of course it will be quite risky for the user and the device. So make sure when downloading you have to use a trusted application store like Playstore.
How to use a proven paying fast money-making application
On this occasion, we will explain further how to use the application in general. Because the use of profit-generating software cannot be compared to ordinary software.
There are several provisions that we need to understand and do so that later we can produce. Therefore, consider the following important points in order to implement it optimally.
1. Installation / installation
Like the previous segment, for installing money-making applications, we recommend using the playstore. Why because this is already trusted and minimal potential for malware.
So that when you use the device for a long time and privacy can remain safe. Do not use external links or obscure platforms to download.
2. Tasks / assignments
Every 2022 money-making application that is proven to pay must have specific tasks for users to be paid for. For example, when using Shopee affiliates, we must have social media and also share links.
So later payments to users depend on how many people enter using that link. Also understand what the terms and conditions of each profit-making application are used.
3. Withdraw / withdrawal
Also pay attention to the method of withdrawing funds provided by the application. Because each software must have a different policy regarding payments to each user.
For example, when using shopee affiliates, you can use a direct account. You can also use a digital wallet or convert it into a shopping discount voucher.
Many people don’t pay attention to the withdrawal requirements of each application. So they think the money-making application is a fraud when in fact it is the user’s own fault.
By paying attention to these three important points, of course now you are ready to become a user. Always check the requirements of each application so that later you can withdraw smoothly.

How to Disburse Money-Making Applications Directly to Funds
Some of our recommendations can also be disbursed with the benefits of using a digital wallet such as funds. Now we will explain the procedure so that later it can enter the funds directly into the wallet.
1. Open playstore
2. Find the Funds app
3. Press install and wait a few moments until the installation process is complete
4. Enter the Fund that has been installed on the device
5. Create a Fund account first
6. When finished, the account is ready to use
That’s still the step of preparing a digital wallet that will later be used to accommodate the profits of money-making applications. Now how do you set up a withdrawal so that later you can go directly there.
1. Open the related application, for example, shopee
2. Go to settings
3. Select the payment tab
4. Select a payment method using a digital wallet
5. Press save
After using these five stages when you use shopee affiliates, the money will go directly to the fund. This will make transactions easier because profit checking can be done immediately.
By using this preparation method, the money-making application without ads that you use becomes more optimal. We don’t have to bother having to always make arrangements every time we want to make a disbursement.
Not only using funds, but this disbursement can also be through a direct account or other platforms. So you can flexibly manage where the profits will flow later.
If you have paid attention to the various tips above, of course now we can immediately implement them. The money-making application will work optimally if you know how to operate it. (

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